SkillNet to enable seamless omnichannel experiences across pharmacies

Innovative microservices-based solution will enable unified pharmacy experiences for members […]


Innovative microservices-based solution will enable unified pharmacy experiences for members  

A leading healthcare giant has selected SkillNet Solutions to provide seamless omnichannel experiences across pharmacies for its 12 million members. SkillNet, a global leader in retail digital transformation will also support the healthcare leader’s efforts to reduce operating costs.

The client was looking for a modern, unique enterprise grade solution, which would support 50+ million transactions across 12 million members. Team SkillNet proposed a microservices-based solution. It would not only drive omnichannel retail capabilities but also be the foundation for new member/customer journeys.

The solution addresses and manages seamless omnichannel experience. SkillNet’s deep understanding of the client’s existing systems, combined with the fully integrated accelerator, StoreHub UTP, will ensure best-in-class omnichannel retail experiences across all member touchpoints.

The initial program focused only on pharmacies. But the final solution includes other operational channels such as gift shops and hospital check-in. The unified enterprise solution addresses the client’s current operational channels and future needs. It is:

  • Enterprise grade to handle the scale of 12+ million members, 50 million transactions
  • Modern and built with cloud-ready, mobile-capable and API oriented technology
  • Agile and adaptable to needs of Pharmacy and other lines of businesses. It supports existing and future customer journeys. (Staff-assisted and self-service channels – in person, call center, IVR, internet, mobile, kiosk)
  • Unified experience for members, while allowing them the flexibility of multiple payment methods
  • Eliminates risk in migrating from existing solution
  • DevOps Automation
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and reuse of existing integrations with StoreHub platform
  • RetMon reduces operating cost to monitor, analyze, maintain and upgrade.

At the end of the digital transformation program, the pharmacies would not only have a modernized POS solution, but also be able to provide information to associates to support members in a more efficient and effective manner.
The omnichannel retail experience would ensure that patients/members can order medicines (including prescription refills) online or through call centers and pick up in stores (BOPIS) or have it shipped to their home.


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