Tire manufacturer SAP CC implementation SkillNet case study

Largest U.S. Independent Tire Retailer Partners with Skillnet to Optimize Their SAP Commerce Cloud Site



SkillNet leveraged its expertise in SAP CC and Adobe Experience Manager to deliver enhanced functionality, elevate the customer experience, and increase revenue from the client’s multi-brand website.

About the Client:

Founded in 1960 with a single location, the tire retailer has evolved into a ~$9B enterprise, establishing itself as the nation’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer, operating over 1,100 stores across 38 states.

Project Requirements / Challenges:

The client’s primary goal was to enhance the customer experience on their eCommerce site by unlocking greater functionality from their SAP CC instance, along with creating enhanced features through customization. They specifically required a new vehicle landing page which could be used by non-technical business users to set image priority and conduct A/B testing without burdening their development team.


SkillNet designed and developed the requested vehicle landing page, image priority, and A/B testing features using Apollo (REACT, GraphQL) and SAP CC, making them part of the core functionality of the cllient’s eCommerce sites.

The end-to-end solution for the vehicle landing page leveraged the rich features of SAP CC to generate the sitemap files and SEO-friendly content for search engine optimization.

And SkillNet customized Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM) to address the complex requirements inherent to rendering both static and dynamic content for multiple vehicle make, model, year, and trim combinations.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    • Customers now land on the specific tire or wheel page when searching a specific vehicle make, model, year, and trim combination rather than having to select each of the search criteria individually.
    • The automation of priority images showcases products more effectively.
  2. Increased Conversion Rates & Revenue Growth: Improving CX has directly benefited conversion rates and revenue growth.

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