Skin care SAP commerce cloud multi country implementation SkillNet case study

Skincare Brand Utilizes SkillNet’s SAP CC Expertise for Multi-Country Rollout


Brief: The client engaged SkillNet’s SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP CC) expertise to plan and lead their team to pilot for a challenging implementation, in addition to managing the international expansion, platform upgrades, and providing production support. 

About the Client

The $1.5 B American multilevel marketing company is one of the leading skincare brands in North America, operating in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. The client’s direct selling model has contributed to its rapid expansion, with customers purchasing products directly from a vast community of over 300,000 Independent Consultants.


The client selected SAP CC for to serve as its new B2C commerce platform for it growing independent consultant community. However, they faced numerous challenges in their implementation journey to bring the new site to production, including: 

  1. Executing a Multi-Country Rollout
  2. Transforming Backend Systems
  3. Meeting Design and Integration Objectives
  4. Implementing SAP CX Upgrades
  5. Ongoing Production Support


Leveraging its deep SAP CC expertise, SkillNet created a plan and led the client’s team to pilot, managed the international expansion, executed SAP CC upgrades, and provided production support. Major deliverables included: 

  • Multi-Country B2C Rollouts: Enabled a seamless rollout of the B2C platform across multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, and Australia
  • Payment Authorization and Capture Changes: Implemented changes to payment authorization and capture processes as part of the Case Manager solution
  • Rate Shop for Commerce Sites: Developed a rate-shopping feature for shipping
  • Complex, Custom Promotion Engine: Enabled multi-site, multi-catalog support
  • Integration with Third-Party Systems: Integrated client’s SAP CC platform with external systems such as Melissa (for address verification in Australia) and threat matrix (moved the credit card data to a 3rd-party system for PCI compliance)
  • Customized Solution for Bundled Products and Promotions: Enabled the creation of bundled products with highly-customized promotions.
  • Custom Product Recommendation Tool: Seamlessly integrated a custom product recommendation tool
  • Integration with Backend Systems: Executed integrations with various backend systems to ensure seamless data flow and operational efficiency across the organization: enterprise service, RFO (Centralized DB), Bhoomi (data synchronization), commission engine, DDC (WMS for Canada), DHL (WMS for U.S.), and FDM (WMS for Australia)
  • SAP CC Upgrades for Canada: Performed SAP CC upgrades tailored to the Canadian market


  • Successful B2C Rollouts: SkillNet ensured a seamless multi-country rollout of the client’s B2C SAP CC commerce platform across its markets in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, meeting all design and integration objectives within the required timeline
  • Enhancements & Customizations: SkillNet’s enhancements and tailored solutions enabled the client to effectively leverage their SAP CC platform to meet their unique business requirements and objectives
    • Enhancing marketing capabilities, including greater flexibility to increase customer engagement and drive new revenue growth
    • Enabling personalized product suggestions to drive conversions and improve CX
    • Ensuring the eCommerce platform remained up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities to meet evolving business needs and compliance requirements
    • Optimizing logistics and improving the customer experience
    • Enhancing transaction security and efficiency
  • Enhanced Revenue Generation: The complex, custom promotion engine and product bundling capabilities implemented by SkillNet enabled targeted marketing and incentivization strategies that drove revenue growth
  • Cost-Effective Production Support: SkillNet’s support provided cost-effective, trouble-free maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrading of the client’s systems, maximizing system uptime while avoiding operational disruptions

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