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The client partnered with SkillNet to address challenges with their eCommerce website, including poor visibility, performance, and user engagement. SkillNet addressed these issues by enhancing SEO, optimizing site performance, and improving search functionality. The results included a significant increase in orders, new sessions, indexed pages, and overall website traffic, leading to an improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

About the client

The client is a premier distributor of Electronic Components and Fasteners used for production in Aerospace, Communication, Computer, Fabrication, Industrial Equipment, Instrumentation, Marine, and Military Industries. They strive to be the customers’ sole supplier of electronic components and fasteners by being a local presence, providing exceptional service, and offering one-stop-shopping.

Business Challenge

The client’s eCommerce website was experiencing significant challenges in terms of visibility, performance, and user engagement. The key issues included a low number of indexed pages, poor traffic, suboptimal Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores, high Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) times, and a low Lighthouse score. These factors contributed to a poor user experience and low conversion rates. Specifically, the main issues identified were:

1. SEO & Site Performance Issues: The site had ineffective SEO configurations.

2. Search Configurations: Search functionality was not returning relevant or correct products.


To address these challenges, Team SkillNet implemented the following solutions:

SEO & Site Improvements

  • Enhanced Home Page Content: Added SEO-rich content to the home page, including meta tags and correct HTML semantic tags.
  • Optimized Page Load Time: Reduced page load times by optimizing API calls and converting images to WEBP format.
  • Sitemap Fixes: Fixed the sitemap and added relevant descriptions for the home, about, contact, and PLP (Product Listing Pages).
  • Dynamic Page Titles: Created dynamic page titles to improve SEO.
  • Blog Indexing: Ensured the blog page was indexed properly.

Search Configuration Enhancements

  • Improved 404 Page: Added a 404 page with similar and relevant products. If a search resulted in a 404 error, product carousels were displayed to increase user interaction and prevent blank pages.
  • Synonyms Configuration: Configured synonyms for products to improve search accuracy.
  • Search Redirects: Configured redirects for top-searched and top-selling products.
  • Search Scoring Adjustments: Adjusted search scoring to prioritize categories, brands, products, and SKUs in that order.

By implementing these solutions, SkillNet significantly improved the website’s visibility, performance, and user engagement, leading to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.


With SkillNet’s solutions, the client’s website improved in visibility, performance, and user engagement, leading to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

  • 36% Increase in Orders:

Higher conversion rates due to improved site usability and performance.

  • 732% Increase in New Sessions:

Significant growth in the user base, leading to more potential customers and increased brand exposure.

  • Doubled Number of Indexed Pages:

Improved search engine visibility, leading to higher organic traffic and better rankings.

  • Drastically Increased Website Traffic:

Higher engagement and more potential customers visiting the site.

  • Increase in CWV Scores:

Enhanced user experience with faster load times and smoother interactions.

  • Decreased LCP by 1.3 Seconds:

Improved perceived loading speed, resulting in reduced bounce rates.

  • Lighthouse Score Improvement (from 35 to 93):

Overall better site performance, accessibility, and SEO, contributing to a positive user experience.

These results collectively demonstrate the effectiveness of the optimization efforts, showcasing substantial improvements in website performance, user experience, and business outcomes.

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