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The retail industry came together at NRF 2022, and things happened!! […]


The retail industry came together at NRF 2022, and things happened!! In spite of the challenging situation the keynote sessions went on, conversations with industry leaders continued and the showcased innovations provided insights into the direction of retail technology.

On the Expo floor, SkillNet’s experts shared their experiences with visitors on enabling growth with POS ModernizationeCommerce platform transformation and digital re-engineering. A number of the visitors signed up for the 2-day POS and eCommerce Platforms Assessment. We look forward to sharing the assessment reports and enabling our clients to create roadmaps which would align with their business goals.

From Jan 17th -19th, SkillNet streamed live Q&A sessions from NYC. The sessions highlighted the event’s exciting and engaging components. We also provided updates on the major trends & innovations and answered questions from the audience.

On the first day, the focus of the session was on customer experience & POS Modernization. The next day the team discussed the trends in eCommerce and the impact of metaverse in retailing. On the third and final day, the team delved into the supply chain challenges & other retail technology.

The sessions can be viewed at the following links:  Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3


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