SkillNet to organize special Webinar series

SkillNet to organize webinar series to tackle the challenges of […]


SkillNet to organize webinar series to tackle the challenges of Lockdown. The first in the series is Opportunities for Store Systems Transformation during lockdown

These are uncertain times and governments around the world are grappling with the process for reopening the economy after the lockdown. Retailers have a narrow window of time to transform store systems before the lockdown ends.

SkillNet is organizing a series of webinars to help retailers prepare and transform. This one-hour Webinar is open for participation from retailer, where SkillNet experts will discuss “Opportunities for Store Systems Transformation during the Lockdown”.

What we will discuss:

  • How has consumer behavior changed due to the lockdown
  • Review findings SkillNet’s industry survey retailer response strategies to the lockdown
  • Which transformation projects to be prioritized
  • Practical ways to get more out of existing Oracle XStore and ORPOS implementation

When: Wednesday, April 29th 2020 10:00 AM PST – 11:00 AM PST

Watch the Webinar: Here


Antonio Alvaro
SVP Solutions & GM EMEA/LATAM, SkillNet Solutions Inc

Gaurav Rastogi
CEO DoLoop Digital

What projects should be prioritized for your stores in these difficult and uncertain times? Will everything return to the old normal after lock down measures are lifted? Consumer behavior will have changed and some restrictions are likely to continue over an extended period of time. Retailers need to answer these questions and be ready for the new normal of trading at their stores. The use of mobile for self-checkout, the digital transformation of the store, its role as fulfillment center and the new customer journeys for omnichannel will all increase in importance in the days ahead.

There’s not much time to change things around. SkillNet have been Makers of Modern Commerce for twenty years. In this Webinar series, SkillNet will discuss some of initiatives that retailers are taken today around the globe to face the new normal and what is possible with existing Oracle Xstore and ORPOS solutions. We will discuss practical ways you can get more out of your existing POS implementation.

Watch Now the opportunities that will emerge in the new normal.


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