SkillNet highlighted in CRN article covering Rackspace’s new simplified partner program

SkillNet’s Chief Operating Officer Anurag Mehta highlights the advantages of […]


SkillNet’s Chief Operating Officer Anurag Mehta highlights the advantages of being a specialized partner in Rackspace’s more simplified partner program. Article excerpt:

Anurag Mehta, COO of SkillNet Solutions, Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Rackspace partner, said that Rackspace’s realignment and Knight’s push further into the specialized program is allowing his company to bolster its global retail system integration expertise with the hybrid cloud solutions and Fanatical support. By joining those two, Mehta said the specialization allowed him to help create a “more custom tailored and focused solution designed specifically with the retail customer in mind.”

“This level of specialization allows us to deliver retail solutions to our clients faster with meaningful and flexible offerings. Collaborating under this new specialized program ultimately helps us to build our businesses together,” Mehta said.

To read the full article on CRN, please visit:CRN – Rackspace Brings In Former Microsoft Exec To Lead Channel Sales, Revamp Partner Approach


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