Oracle Retail Cross Talk 2022 – SkillNet is a Silver Sponsor

San Jose, CA SkillNet Solutions, Makers of Modern Commerce and […]


San Jose, CA

SkillNet Solutions, Makers of Modern Commerce and global leader in retail digital transformation, is a Silver Sponsor at Oracle Retail Cross Talk 2022.

Oracle Retail Cross Talk is a unique executive retail forum that connects brands from around the world to share lessons learned, best practices, and innovative ideas about the future of modern retail. It provides a unique networking opportunity for retailers to make lasting connections with their peers, share advice on how to solve common issues, and stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

SkillNet client Pablo Gaete, Project Manager, Komax at Oracle Retail Cross Talk 2022 will also be presenting a session on the transformation of retail customer experience at 2.45 PM June 16, 2022. He will discuss how Komax activated sales channels to provide faster, seamless customer experiences to guests in multiple Latin American countries, allowing consumers to buy and return where and when they want. Representing a broad portfolio of brands like GAP, Kipling, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, UGG, and more, the fashion brand Komax embarked on a transformational project for both stores and the back-office.

With support from SkillNet, Komax transformed its customer experience through Oracle Retail. Xstore Point of Service, Customer Engagement, and Order Broker and tapped into the power of Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management for sales audit, pricing, invoice match, and import/export.

Register here to join us at Cross Talk 2022 and speak with our experts.


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