Jewelry retailer partners with SkillNet to provide rich customer journeys

Solution ensures seamless point of sale upgrade across geographies SkillNet […]


Solution ensures seamless point of sale upgrade across geographies

SkillNet Solutions, the global leader in retail digital transformation was selected by a luxury retailer of high-end jewelry to help support its in store digital transformation.

Given the high value of customer transactions, the Jewelry retailer was looking to provide seamless experiences during store visits. They also wanted to enhance the experience by enabling store associates to provide the support & information needed during the purchase of high-ticket items.

The jewelry retailer was looking for a partner who could provide digital transformation consulting, had capabilities in POS upgrades, could ensure store readiness planning and support for the POS upgrade rollout across stores in Europe, NA & APAC, and also support future country deployments & application development. SkillNet was chosen for its solution which not only showcased its POS transformation capabilities but also its deep retail systems expertise.

In retail enterprises, consolidated monitoring needs are best met by adopting an integrated monitoring solution capable of scaling to meet increasing transaction volumes and custom requirements. Hence SkillNet’s Retail Monitoring Solution (RetMon) was part of the solution and will be used to monitor the network & store peripheral devices connected to the POS systems.

Optimizing its existing POS solutions will help the Jewelry retailer enrich the in-store experiences by enabling store associates to support customers through their purchase journey.


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