Join our sessions featuring the launch of PacSun’s successful customer loyalty program at Oracle Industry Connect 2016.

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Next week kicks off Oracle Industry Connect 2016 where there will be many fantastic sessions led by retailers. I am in a unique position this year to have the honor of introducing our customer PacSun’s breakout session. Cory Day from PacSun will be talking about their experience with the implementation of Oracle Retail Customer Engagement (ORCE). Their story is one that will really resonate with fellow retailers. SkillNet has been a long time partner with PacSun and in January 2015 we embarked on a full Xstore implementation project where ORCE was deployed to both their legacy and future point of sale applications. As the Account Manager for PacSun, I have been privileged to witness their excitement and enthusiasm for their customer loyalty program and the results it has already delivered.

On Wednesday, April 13th at Oracle Industry Connect (OIC) there will be two opportunities to hear about the PacSun success story for customer loyalty using the ORCE module from Oracle. First, at a roundtable luncheon starting at 11:45am, we will have an informal discussion on how PacSun was able to use ORCE for their successful customer loyalty program which SkillNet helped them deliver in under 6 months. Second, will be the official break out session with Cory Day at 2:30pm entitled PacSun: Surprise and Delight Loyal Customers. I am very excited to be participating in and attending these sessions at OIC to hear about the very impressive customer loyalty story from PacSun and hope to see you there as well.


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