The increase in the number of channels and payment types made the right design of integrated payment solutions a critical feature in successful delivery of omnichannel.

The covid crisis and the need for social distancing is making this feature not only critical but also essential, as customers avoid touch and proximity in their shopping experiences.

In this webinar with title “Reimagining payments for Modern Commerce” we continue to take a look at the projects and initiatives that retailers are prioritizing for the New Normal. This time we cover one of the areas of more focus for retailers currently, which is payment processing for Modern Commerce.

We discussed:

  • Common challenges for successful delivery of omnichannel payment integration pre-covid
  • New business drivers for reimagining payments in the era of COVID
  • Current payment initiatives from our customers to address the lockdown and new normal
  • SkillNet’s StoreHub UTP approach for unified transaction processing


Antonio Alvaro

SVP Digital & Cloud Solutions & General Manager International
at SkillNet Solutions INC

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Gaurav Rastogi

at Doloop Digital

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