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Retail Technology

Consulting and technology services to companies that are digitally transforming their retail business to modern commerce

Consulting and technology services to companies that are digitally transforming their retail business to modern commerce

Advisory services

SkillNet consultants are retail industry experts who leverage their deep expertise to partner with clients and help guide them through key transformational strategies. We offer end to end advisory services, starting from Portfolio Analysis, Cloud strategy to implementation and support.

Modern Commerce Solution Apps Portfolio Analysis

To support modern commerce shopping journeys to meet customer expectations, many brands and retailers need a comprehensive review of their current landscape of systems.  As part of this analysis, SkillNet will identify the necessary new or replacement solutions and applications to meet the business objectives.  We work with a client’s operational, finance and technology teams to identify the technology, business processes and organization to build the necessary ecosystem to be a Modern Commerce innovator.

Modern Commerce Application Roadmap

Once a new system landscape has been identified to support new customer journeys, SkillNet will work with the client to build a rational implementation roadmap, based on requirements and organizational constraints. SkillNet has the experience to understand the co-dependencies of the multiple retail solutions required, to help the client minimize re-work as they pursue implementing new Modern Commerce customer journeys.

Technology Selection

Today’s competitive retail technology marketplace has many of traditional technology suppliers.  However, as technology keeps on improving, new innovators are offering solutions that may help a client jump ahead of their competitors in meeting customer expectations. SkillNet has a structured selection methodology that prioritizes operational, financial and technology needs and enables key stakeholders to make an objective selection decision.

ROI Analysis

Change is often initiated as a reaction to market or competitive forces.  However, a true Modern Commerce Leader often is trying to be the innovator, before these forces become apparent, and may not have the easy argument “our competitors are doing it”.  In those cases, a more strategic approach may need to be taken to get stakeholders to agree to not only a major financial investment, but a commitment that their organization will adopt new operational process changes.  SkillNet can help a client by identifying common costs and specific hard and soft benefits to help build this financial analysis which will identify an initiative Return on Investment (ROI).

Organization Change Management

Any successful initiative requires a change management strategy to ensure people, processes and technology are all aligned for project adoption.  It will be key to effectively communicate about the goals of this change to the entire team as well as to provide the right training for the different resources that will be involved with this new change.  The leadership team will need to allocate the right resources from the project onset and commit to the project.  New technology will need to be applied intelligently for adoption from all associates.  Process redesign will need to be addressed to fully realize the benefits of technology.

Program Management

SkillNet has the experience and proven methodologies to manage not only large enterprise transformation programs, but also incremental projects time sensitive projects.  Effective program management includes project planning, issue logging, consistent communication with stakeholders, budgeting and risk management.

Cloud Strategy

Modern commerce organizations are looking towards the Cloud to reduce costs and improve performance, while at the same providing greater accessibility.  SkillNet helps it clients develop a strategy that unifies a company’s business and financial objectives, with the correct Cloud solutions.  As part of this strategy we include the necessary plans to help implement and adopt the new infrastructure.

Case study

Digital Transformation at SINSA

SkillNet ’s consulting expertise helped define and design new processes across the organization. One of the key areas of transformation was in the redesign of pre-sale and post-sale processes for customer engagements.

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Free assessment

In order to enable Retailers to support customers rapidly changing behavior, SkillNet offer a free 2-day assessment of your Store systems or eCommerce platforms. At the end of the assessment, we deliver a complete report on the state of modernization of the existing POS or eCommerce Platforms. It also includes a review of incident management and architecture documentation, guided workshops and identifies areas which would benefit from the use of the Modern Commerce Engine.


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