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Makers of modern commerce are ahead of the curve. SkillNet has the experience, focus, and technological innovation that makes it happen.

SkillNet Solutions - Makers of Modern Commerce

SkillNet Solutions, Makers of Modern Commerce, provides consulting and technology services to companies that are digitally transforming their retail/B2C & B2B business to modern commerce, allowing them to rapidly anticipate and respond to consumer behavior.

data - make it count

Make it count by putting your data to work. Data makes stores more fulfilling, customer experience more intuitive, and your market intel more actionable. All to make customers happier. Imagine that.

Check out our Data analytics services for more information. Read how we made on-demand actionable insights possible in a few clicks down from two weeks.

personalization - make it personal

Making your customer feel like an audience of one starts with understanding the one you are trying to make loyal. SkillNet moves the promise of personalization from concept to commerce.

Our store solutions and digital commerce services enable personalization. Find out how we integrated retail systems seamlessly for a retail with 4000+ stores.

mobile - make it smart

Most commerce journeys pass through a smartphone, whether your customers or your associates.  Make your technology smart and adaptable so shopping can be a convenient and rewarding experience.

Read how our CX & design solutions team enabled safe shopping experiences for a jewelry retailer.

omnichannel - make it seamless

Shop, search, pay, pick, repeat. Wherever, however, and whenever customers choose to shop, SkillNet makes modern commerce seamless to deliver exceptional customer experience and growth.

Learn more about our digital transformation services for seamless omnichannel experience. Discover how we enabled 2X growth for a large format retailer with seamless omnichannel experience.

digital technologies - make it scalable

Moving fast without breaking things. Don’t let technical debt hold back the speed of evolution. Get there with cloud, DevOps, microservices, and smart technologies that let the business scale.

Read about our cloudDevOps and smart technologies.

Enabling cloud customer journeys for a $1Billion retailer with microservices.

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