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Rewarding customers with Bounce Back Coupons at Holland & Barrett International

Imagine, you get a coupon along with your sales receipt…

  • We are moving to Queens Street! We would like to welcome you there with 30% off on all your purchases from 20th Feb 2015 to 25th Feb 2015.
  • Congratulations! You just qualified for £10 on your next purchase.
  • Want to try something new? Try Bee’s Honey in your next purchase and get one free! (Here, the customer has bought Friars Honey)
  • Interested in Sports Nutrition? Buy any two products from our Sports Nutrition line and get 50% off and 250 bonus points on your next purchase!
  • Spending more in our store! Definitely not on your next purchase! Get £20 off on purchase of £50. Keep shopping!

Of course, you will exult with a personalised coupon considering your purchasing habits. That’s the magic of Bounce Back that we achieved at Holland & Barrett International (HBI)!

What are Bounce Back coupons?

Bounce Back coupons, as the name suggests, are the coupons with promotions and discounts bounced back to allow HBI to engage with their customer base with specific offers suited to their shopping habits. This concept was developed to increase engagement with the brand and increase in frequency of visits.

“Holland & Barrett have been deploying Bounce Back promotions across its retail and online estate for the last 12 months to encourage customers to make repeat purchases and additional visits. The offers have ranged from individual SKU level promotions to transactional money off and loyalty bonus points.

Using redemption data in conjunction with the loyalty programme has provided insight into these additional offers to the brand’s customers. The next phase of the Bounce Back initiative will be to determine relevancy to customers of promotional offers with a focus on personalised information held through the loyalty system, maintaining the level of reward and discount whilst increasing the ROI of the Bounce Back program.”

– Jonathan Haywood, Customer Insight Manager for Holland & Barrett International

Before Bounce Back

Before Bounce Back coupons, HBI was unable to treat the customer with special promotions based on their purchases and segments, relying on ‘On Shelf’ promotions in stores.

Bounce Back Coupons

Different types of coupons can be setup centrally for a specific store, price band or across the estate for all brands based on the requirements of the business. The coupons are issued to the customer based on the Holland & Barrett International customer type, customer segment, items purchased, basket total or combination of all leaving long lasting brand awareness behind. Easy to setup, scalable and measurable coupons have greatly benefited HBI by incremental sales, measurable increase in customer response, satisfaction and revisits. Over time, these coupons have been used to advertise relocations, new store openings, supplement point promotions and target specific products or basket spends.

In the first 12 months, bounce back coupons added an excellent increment in sales to HBI, and this will only increase with time as more targeted coupons are introduced.

Cutting Edge Benefits

  • Promoting or advertising right in the hands of the customer giving them an improved shopping experience.
  • Promoting specific items (promoting Bee’s Honey to customers who are buying Friars Honey)
  • Increase in customer reach via magazine coupons-posted coupons which can readily be redeemed in store.
  • The great advantage of these coupons is also in the speed in which they can be stopped-overnight-should an issue be discovered with the coupon.

For more information on how SkillNet can help you increase brand engagement and reward your customers with its store innovations, please request a consult.

Join our sessions featuring the launch of PacSun’s successful customer loyalty program at Oracle Industry Connect 2016.

Next week kicks off Oracle Industry Connect 2016 where there will be many fantastic sessions led by retailers. I am in a unique position this year to have the honor of introducing our customer PacSun’s breakout session. Cory Day from PacSun will be talking about their experience with the implementation of Oracle Retail Customer Engagement (ORCE). Their story is one that will really resonate with fellow retailers. SkillNet has been a long time partner with PacSun and in January 2015 we embarked on a full Xstore implementation project where ORCE was deployed to both their legacy and future point of sale applications. As the Account Manager for PacSun, I have been privileged to witness their excitement and enthusiasm for their customer loyalty program and the results it has already delivered.

On Wednesday, April 13th at Oracle Industry Connect (OIC) there will be two opportunities to hear about the PacSun success story for customer loyalty using the ORCE module from Oracle. First, at a roundtable luncheon starting at 11:45am, we will have an informal discussion on how PacSun was able to use ORCE for their successful customer loyalty program which SkillNet helped them deliver in under 6 months. Second, will be the official break out session with Cory Day at 2:30pm entitled PacSun: Surprise and Delight Loyal Customers. I am very excited to be participating in and attending these sessions at OIC to hear about the very impressive customer loyalty story from PacSun and hope to see you there as well.

SkillNet proudly shares its new look and refreshed content at skillnetinc.com!

It is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing the launch of SkillNet’s new website design.

As we kick off 2016, SkillNet couldn’t be more thrilled to share its bold new look and refreshed content with our online community. A few of our goals with the website redesign were to expand our content, enhance the user experience, and improve our communication methods with interested parties. But our most important goal was to help our clients and peers in the industry get to know us better. Now when perusing our site, we hope you will get a good idea of who we are and what we do as a company. Our focus on delivering digital transformations for retailers through omni-channel solutions and services is front and center. It’s not only the core of who we are, it’s now the core message of our online presence.

We’ve also compiled a number of resources to help our customers on their journey into digital, and we’ve streamlined their accessibility by corralling them into a single location.

Skillnetinc.com has also expanded its solutions and services to include sections on how we aid retailers in customer management and utilizing cloud services.

With the fresh new look that is both easier to use and more informative, we hope the new design improves your online experience at skillnetinc.com. Take a look around!