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AWS Cloud re-engineering for Modern Commerce (Retail AWS Cloud Migration)

AWS Retail Partner Companies are accelerating the move to cloud […]


Create seamless omnichannel experiences!

AWS Retail Partner

Companies are accelerating the move to cloud of more of their critical business applications. However lift and shift strategies don’t maximize value and pure micro-services approaches are not practical for most organizations without very significant investment.

Read our Practical Guide on AWS cloud migration of retail applications.

In this webinar, we will cover practical re-engineering examples in AWS to help retail and hospitality organizations increase the value of their migrations to the cloud. Including:

  • AWS Guidance Patterns for Migrating your existing POS solution
  • Extending omnichannel capabilities in AWS
  • Creating new customer journeys leveraging  your existing applications and AWS


Antonio Alvaro |
SVP Cloud and Digital Solutions and GM International, SkillNet
Hitesh Kumeria |
Global Lead for the ISV Workload Migration Program at AWS

At SkillNet, we believe in delivering the promise of modern commerce. The focus of the “Makers of Modern Commerce” Webinar Series is to give you a fresh perspective on the rapidly changing dynamics in retail.

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