SkillNet StoreHub to simplify technology integration at Metra – Chicago’s largest commuter rail system

Metra is one of the largest and most complex commuter rail […]


Metra is one of the largest and most complex commuter rail systems in North America, serving Chicago metropolitan region. Nearly 50 percent of all work trips from the suburbs to downtown Chicago are made on Metra, with its network covering 242 stations over 11 routes.

Metra operates a comprehensive technology platform, with a large number of specialized applications performing critical business functions that are integrated tightly to operate as one system. As technology and business continue to evolve, Metra upgrades many of these applications from time to time. A significant challenge for enterprises that upgrade applications often, is the effort of rewiring it to all other dependent systems. Metra’s retail operation was faced with a similar challenge when it needed to modernize its backend financial management application, that was tightly coupled with its ticketing point of service system deployed at stations.

To ease this pain, Metra has looked to StoreHub– an integration platform developed by the agency’s longtime technology partner SkillNet.

StoreHub is designed for needs of modern, agile and digital ready retail, built with cloud technologies and industry standard ARTS reference model, and equipped with dozens of prebuilt integrations to leading retail applications. By making it easy to integrate, StoreHub helps Metra stay agile, and adapt quickly to ever changing demands of the market.


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