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Seamless omnichannel experience results in 2X sales

Seamless omnichannel experience results in 2X increase in online sales for automotive unit


SkillNet streamlines auto-parts lookup and appointment scheduling for highly successful regional retail chain. Customers can order tires and schedule appointment in a single online transaction on their phone. This has resulted in improved customer experience and growth in online sales.

About Fleet Farm

Fleet Farm is a privately held company, operating 45 large format stores in the US mid-west. Since 1955, it has been the go-to store for hunting and fishing equipment and licenses, small appliances, housewares, automotive goods, apparel, hardware, lawn and garden supplies, paint, pet supplies, sporting goods, tools, and farm supplies.

From the beginning Fleet Farm have been committed to honesty, integrity and value. Its stores are an intrinsic part of the local community and customers are quoted as saying “If Fleet Farm doesn’t have it, I don’t need it.”

Challenge | High Bounce rates on auto services web pages

Most Fleet Farm locations have a tire center, convenience store, and car wash. As part of the services of the Tires and Automotive department, customers could order tires and make an appointment for a wash and tire change online.

Customers went to the Fleet Farm web site to make appointments, but the tire availability and appointment scheduling functionality were hosted on a third-party site.  This led to an uneven customer experience and many customers did not to complete their transactions. For customers who scheduled their appointments online, Fleet Farm used the services of a call center to reach customers and confirm the appointment date and time.  This meant that the backend processes were not very optimal.

The Fleet Farm team realized that the uneven customer experience could impact their value commitment to customers. They decided to partner with SkillNet to redesign the website to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Solution | Integrating parts/tire lookup and service scheduling into auto services web page redesign

The SkillNet team had to consider a number of issues while designing the new online experience for tire ordering and appointment scheduling. One of the important elements of adding new functionality to ensure a smooth online experience was to know availability of parts and tires before scheduling appointments for tire servicing and car wash. Another issue to be addressed was that 50% of the users made their appointments with their mobile devices. This was also one of the reasons for the uneven experience during the interaction between the Fleet Farm web site and Third-party web site.

The solution team also had to take into account that none of the other functionality on the live site could be impacted, data had to be consolidated and fetched from external sources. Since, this was atypical of an e-commerce order flow – “without shopping cart payment”, the site could also not combine the process of tire purchase and other item purchases.

The SkillNet team proposed a solution with a Mobile first approach and integration of appointment scheduling system and Year Make Model Engine (YMME) YMME system into the Fleet Farm web site. The process of lookup, quote, and appointment process was seamlessly merged and they were able to do away with the call center since confirmation was available as part of the web site transaction. This resulted in a simpler business process too.

Results | Seamless omnichannel experience enables growth in online auto services

With the new solution, there was a dramatic reduction in bounce rates, 30% increase in the time customers spent on the website and 60% reduction in the number of people leaving the site without making appointments. The entire process of making and confirming appointments for tire selection and car washing was now a seamless experience on the Fleet Farm website. The availability of real-time inventory lookup enables Fleet Farm to dropship tires to customers, thereby reinforcing their value commitment.

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