To remain competitive in the retail industry, it’s crucial for retailers to keep up with the latest technologies that can improve customer experiences, increase sales and provide valuable business insights. One of the most important trends is the use of MPOS to enrich customer experiences in stores along with fixed POS systems.

This whitepaper focuses on MPOS (Mobile POS) technology, explaining its operational mechanism, current trends, future potential, as well as the key features and advantages of Oracle Xstore Mobile. From a functional perspective, we will delve into the details of Xstore Mobile and conclude by assessing the impact and future prospects of MPOS.

In this Whitepaper

  • What is Mobile Point-of-Sale System?
  • Benefits of MPOS
  • Oracle Xstore Point of Services and Xstore Mobile
  • Oracle Xstore Mobile
  • Key Features of Xstore Mobile
  • Benefits of Xstore Mobile
  • Key Factors to Keep in Mind While Adopting Xstore Mobile
  • Successful Implementation of Xstore Mobile
  • Conclusion

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