Streamlining Customer Management: Moon Valley Nurseries’ Integration Success with Oracle Cloud


Moon Valley Nurseries (MVN), a leading provider of high-quality plants and landscaping services, faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating their new Oracle Xstore POS system with their CRM solution based on HubSpot. This integration was crucial for MVN to enhance customer insights and communication capabilities, enabling personalized interactions and superior service.

About the Client

Moon Valley Nurseries (MVN) is America’s largest box tree grower providing top-grade plants, trees, and landscaping services, serving customers across 47 locations . With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, MVN has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, offering a wide range of products and expert advice to customers seeking to beautify their outdoor spaces.

The Challenge

MVN recognized the need to modernize its customer engagement strategy by integrating its Oracle Xstore POS system with its CRM solution based on HubSpot. The challenge lay in bridging the gap between these two platforms to enable seamless data exchange and synchronization. Without a robust integration solution, MVN risked inefficiencies in data management and missed opportunities for personalized customer interactions.

MVN chose to partner with SkillNet due to its experience in transforming customer engagement in retail and specifically its integration credentials across Oracle technologies.

Our Solution

SkillNet Solutions, in collaboration with MVN, implemented Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3 to facilitate the integration between Oracle Xstore POS and HubSpot CRM. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Oracle Cloud, our team devised a customized integration solution tailored to MVN’s specific requirements.

By leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3, MVN gained a scalable and agile integration platform that seamlessly connected their POS system with their CRM solution. This integration enabled real-time data synchronization, allowing MVN to access comprehensive customer information and insights across both platforms.


The implementation of Oracle Integration Cloud Generation 3 empowered MVN to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in customer engagement. Key results include:

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: MVN now has a unified view of customer data, enabling them to gain deeper insights into customer preferences, purchase history, and behavior.
  • Personalized Communication: With real-time access to customer data, MVN can deliver personalized email communications post-sale and as part of their service offerings, fostering stronger customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The seamless integration between Oracle Xstore POS and HubSpot CRM has streamlined data management processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

The integration of Oracle Cloud solutions has revolutionized our approach to customer engagement. We now have the tools and insights to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with our customers.

By leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud and SkillNet Solutions’ expertise, Moon Valley Nurseries has successfully transformed its customer engagement execution, positioning itself for continued business growth and success.

Bill Serva


Moon Valley Nurseries

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