SkillNet proudly shares its new look and refreshed content at! - SkillNet Solutions

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SkillNet proudly shares its new look and refreshed content at!

ENERO 15, 2016
Escrito por Jennifer Warren

It is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing the launch of SkillNet’s new website design.

As we kick off 2016, SkillNet couldn’t be more thrilled to share its bold new look and refreshed content with our online community. A few of our goals with the website redesign were to expand our content, enhance the user experience, and improve our communication methods with interested parties. But our most important goal was to help our clients and peers in the industry get to know us better. Now when perusing our site, we hope you will get a good idea of who we are and what we do as a company. Our focus on delivering digital transformations for retailers through omni-channel solutions and services is front and center. It’s not only the core of who we are, it’s now the core message of our online presence.

We’ve also compiled a number of resources to help our customers on their journey into digital, and we’ve streamlined their accessibility by corralling them into a single location. has also expanded its solutions and services to include sections on how we aid retailers in customer management and utilizing cloud services.

With the fresh new look that is both easier to use and more informative, we hope the new design improves your online experience at Take a look around!

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